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Dog Grooming



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Give your dog a Japanese-styled dog grooming experience that will leave your pet feeling clean and refreshed! We offer dog grooming services through our partnership with Blue Pooch.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pet with a quality grooming session ranging from haircuts, bathing, and more. Sign up for the dog grooming services and leave with a clean and happy pet! Check out the Blue Pooch services and reach out if you have any questions to our Los Angeles (3860) location.

Pricing and Hours

Service Cost: Visit website for cost breakdown

Hours of Services:

Tuesday - Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday - Monday: CLOSED

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grooming location brush
Los Angeles
(Inside Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies Store)

3860 S Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 398-2134